Outdoor Magic - BBQ Grill Mesh Liner Non-stick


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Outdoor Magic - BBQ Grill Mesh Liner Non-stick

The Outdoor Magic Grill Mesh Liner is a non-stick grill mesh that allows for food to cook over a Gas BBQ Grill without sticking to the surface of the BBQ. The Grill Mesh Liner is Ideal for use with seafood, marinated meat or char-grilled vegetables. Perfect for low-temperature grilling, the Grill Mesh Liner is also easy to clean and is reusable. It comes in a roll that measures 400mm x 500mm, but can easily be cut if the BBQ surface is smaller.

- Enables food to cook over the gas BBQ Grill without sticking
- Makes char grilled vegetables a breeze
- Metal BBQ implements can be used

- Non-Stick Grill Mesh
- 400mm x 500mm
- Perfect for low-temperature grilling
- Ideal for seafood, char-grilled vegetables and marinated meats
- Can be used with metal BBQ tools and utensils
- Do not exceed heat of 260°C
- Not suitable for BBQs with radiant quartz technology burners with quartz domes


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