Outdoor Magic - One Piece Length 1130mm - OM2180-5B


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Outdoor Magic - One Piece Length 1130mm - OM2180-5B

The Outdoor Magic One Piece Length Shaft (OM2180-5B) is a high-quality and durable skewer designed for BBQ rotisseries. Here are some key features and specifications:

One-Piece Design: The skewer comes in a single, solid piece, providing robustness and durability. With no joins, it ensures longevity and reliability during use.

Length: The skewer has a length of 1130mm, providing ample space for skewering a variety of meats and other food items.

Hexagonal Shape: The skewer has a hexagonal shape with a width of 10mm, allowing for secure and stable rotation when used with motors featuring an 8mm square input shaft.

Material: Constructed with chrome-plated steel, the skewer is resistant to corrosion and ensures easy cleaning.

Compatibility: The skewer is designed to fit motors with an 8mm square input shaft and is compatible with 'Flaming Coals' 10mm square accessories.

Whether you're upgrading or replacing your existing skewer, the Outdoor Magic One Piece Length Shaft provides a reliable and sturdy option for your BBQ rotisserie needs.

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