Paper Roll Dispenser & Paper Cutter (Suit 150-1000ft Rolls)


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OREN Pink Butchers Paper Roll Dispenser and Paper Cutter
(Suit 150-1000ft Rolls)

High quality and Genuine sturdy black Aust Made Pink Butcher Paper Roll Dispenser. It is a sturdy tabletop dispenser and cutter, the 1" aluminium Rod is much stronger than the pine rod in the Bulman Dispenser. Short sheets are more difficult to cut straight. the paper cutting technique requires the paper to be pulled down evenly under the blade, then lifted swiftly up from right to left, in a snapping motion. It does take a little practice to get the upwards snapping motion to cut an even sheet of paper.

- Takes Rolls up to 24"/610mm Wide.
- It can be used with our 150ft or 1,000ft Rolls.
- black enamel colour
- head material is made of Aluminum Rod
- set includes a paper dispenser and cutter