Double Sided Chicken Prong Fork - Large 22mm Round Bore


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Double Chicken Rotisserie Stainless Steel BBQ Prongs/Forks
(Suits 18mm to 22mm round skewer)

The double-sided stainless steel chicken fork is a quality constructed fork that is designed to provide high compatibility for use when cooking chickens to hold them into place and to reduce free spinning when rotated. The stainless steel chicken fork is manufactured with high-strength stainless steel to provide high resistance against heat and flames when exposed during a long cooking process. It also features an easy-to-grip design that is comfortable on the hand when threading and pushing into the meat with its sharp prong design and can easily be used with 18 to 22mm round skewers for added convenience when cooking. Featuring an easy-to-clean design, this chicken fork is able to be cleaned so that it is ready for reuse in the next cooking session. It also promotes a lightweight size that doesn't put too much weight onto the skewer and motor which may cause wear and tear.

- Double-Sided Rotisserie Prong Fork - Suitable for cooking multiple chickens or roasts
- Great for securing large items such as beef rump, chicken, suckling pig, etc.
- When used with (SSF-3081) you get the same results but with fewer forks
- Suits 18mm to 22mm round skewer
- Made from stainless steel

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