2 Prong Forks - Large 20mm Square Bore (Set of 2)


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Long 2 Prong Forks Stainless Steel (Set of 2)
suit Square Skewer 19.5mm x 19.5mm

The long square prong fork set is a quality stainless steel barbecue fork set that is designed to secure a whole animal to your square skewer rod. This provides an easy solution for cooking a range of different meat types including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and goat. This prong fork set also provides easy gripping and can be used to secure the food when necessary with its sharp prong design to reduce the risk of burning and free spinning. Long lasting, easy to use, and affordable, this 2 prong fork set is ideal for any rotisserie spit with a 19.5mm square rod. It also comes in a set of 2.

Many different options are available: motors, skewers, counterbalances, back braces, gyro discs, leg brackets, and side pillars to suit, please contact us for more details.

- Suits up to a 20mm square spit shaft
- 304 Stainless Steel
- Ideal if you have bought a Bunnings, Masters or Barbeques Galore Spit Roaster
- Comes as a Set of 2

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