Primo Chicken Sitter - PG00336


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Primo Chicken Sitter

Enhance your grilling experience with a range of versatile accessories for your Primo Kamado grill. Introducing the Chicken Sitter, meticulously crafted from premium SuperCeramic material, just like your Primo kamado-style grill. Say goodbye to the limitations of the conventional beer can cooking method and embrace the boundless possibilities this chicken sitter offers. Its cleverly designed hollow centre lets you infuse your poultry with flavours by filling it with beer, wine, or apple juice, along with your favourite spices. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure and savour the mouthwatering results this simple yet ingenious accessory brings to your Primo grill. Elevate your chicken grilling game with the Chicken Sitter and unlock a whole new world of flavour.

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