Primo Oval Fredstone


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Primo Oval Fredstone

Introducing the Primo Natural Finish Fredstone Oval Baking Stone, your ticket to achieving premium brick-oven quality at a fraction of the cost, right on your Primo grill. Designed by Danish baker Frederik Sorensen, this remarkable 23x16-inch baking stone is crafted from lightweight yet porous ceramic, enabling you to create the perfect pizza on any of the larger Primo grills. It's an essential tool for passionate BBQ enthusiasts who seek to elevate their grilling skills.

Key Features:

Porcelain Coating: Enjoy a non-stick surface while safeguarding the robust ceramics.
Ceramic Construction: Experience exceptional heat retention and long-lasting durability.
High Heat Design: Withstand scorching temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Universal Compatibility: Compatible with Kamado-style grills measuring 18 inches or more in diameter.
Expand your grilling repertoire and savour the taste of authentic, brick-oven goodness with the Primo Natural Finish Fredstone Oval Baking Stone. Upgrade your grilling game today!

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