Stainless Cyprus Grill Rotating Cage - Black Handle


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Rotating Grill - Black Handle

Brilliant innovation of barbecuing cages, the Cyprus Grill rotating cage is designed to facilitate a convenient holding as well as rotating of meat and other foods when it is used in a rotisserie spit style. Smaller food such as ribs, shrimp, fish, burgers, sausages, and more can be held easily because of the grid-type design. Whether for small or large gatherings, this rotating cage offers the BBQ grill owner a great tool for cooking smaller food types, and with its easy-to-clean design, cleaning up and preparing for your next cooking session is made simple. Also gives you a fantastic choice for making that Portuguese-style barbecued chicken in the comfort of your own home.

Length (without handle) – 78cm
Length (with handle) – 87.3cm
Width – 12cm
Depth – 2cm
Wire thickness – 4mm

    Ideal for cooking, fish, chicken wings, and steaks on your rotisserie.



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