Roasting Rack Stainless Steel


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myGRILL Stainless Steel Roasting Rack

The myGRILL Chef SMART and Slim Series range of grills. Ideal for grilling, you simply place the rack into your grill and cook all your favourite meats and other food. The ease of use and way it fits allows you to grill plus have the other side of your myGRILL still rotating your meats using the skewers. You can also use more than one rack at once if you have more food that requires grilling instead of spinning, allowing you to cook more meat in a quicker time if required. Designed to fit MyGRILL cooking system.

- Rack for grilling meats and other foods
- 5mm thick durable stainless steel rods
- Convenient size that does not take over the whole cooking space but allows grilling on one side and use of skewers on the other side of the heat
- Quality stainless steel makes it easy to clean
- Specifically made for the myGRILL Chef SMART and Slim Series range of grills

Dimension: 445mm L x 200mm W x 10mm H

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