myGRILL - Rotating Rack Stainless Steel (Basket)


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myGRILL Stainless Steel Rotating Rack (Basket)

The myGrill Stainless Steel Rotating Rack is the perfect tool to help you grill your steak, burgers and or fish. Thanks to a 4mm thickness and enclosed construction, food is held secure and won’t fall through. Food will not lose its shape as well. The innovative CooltouchTM System means that you can handle the rack even when heat is high. Please note: This listing is for one rotating rack only.

- Dynamic CooltouchTM System enables easy handling of the rotating rack. The system prevents the risk of burning your fingers
- Stainless steel robust design that makes securing meat stress-free
- Can cook Steak, burgers, fish, chicken, sausages
- Food retains its shape and is prevented from falling through the seams
- with 4mm thickness and enclosed formation

- Rotating Rack Basket
- 505mm length from tip to start of gear cog
- 620mm Overall length
- 130mm width of the cage
- 0.80kg weight

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