S/S 25kg Capacity Rotisserie/BBQ Spit Motor (to suit 22mm Round Skewer with Camping Bracket


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S/S 25kg Capacity Rotisserie/BBQ Spit Motor
(Suit to 22mm Round Skewer with Camping Bracket)

This Standard Rotisserie Motor is designed to promote a high turning capacity that allows for the easy rotation of balanced meats including lamb, chicken, beef, fish, pig, and goat that weighs up to 25kgs in size. Featuring stainless steel construction, this rotisserie BBQ spit motor is able to promote long-term use where long cooking sessions may be required and is designed to offer high strength to withstand long periods of running next to a heated source. With its high-powered operation, this grill barbecue spits motor is able to rotate the meat approximately 5 revolutions per minute to ensure the meat is evenly cooked to perfection so that it is ready to serve to guests. Built for long-lasting operation, this stainless steel motor is ideal for the most demanding cooking sessions and can provide high-powered operation each and every time to ensure the spit is rotated at an even pace to ensure the meat is always cooked on time.

- 240V direct drive rotisserie motor.
- Strong stainless steel casing.
- An In-built cooling fan.
- This motor turns at approx 5RPM.
- Suits a 22mm round skewer. we also stock many suitable S/S skewers to suit this motor.
- This motor has been factory tested to turn up to 25kgs of well-balanced meat.