S/S Long 2 Prong Fork (Set of 2) - Suit 18mm Round Skewer Rod

S/S Long 2 Prong Fork (Set of 2) - Suit 18mm Round Skewer Rod


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S/S Long 2 Prong Fork
for Rotisserie BBQ Spit (Set of 2)
Suit 18mm Round Skewer Rod

Stainless Steel Long 2 Prong Forks for Rotisserie BBQ Spit (Set of 2) suit 22mm Round Skewer Rod. The 2-prong fork set is a quality constructed fork that is designed to help keep the meat from free spinning when rotating on a rotisserie spit over a long period of time. This prong fork set is able to easily hold most types of meat from beef, lamb, pork, goat, and chicken to ensure even cooking without burning when rotating on the rotisserie. This fork set can be easily set up onto the spit with its lightweight size by simply threading it over the skewer and spearing or pushing the sharp prongs into the meat. It is also designed to offer high use when entertaining most large family or friend get-togethers and can be used as a replacement for an existing prong set that may be damaged or worn. Offering an easy-to-clean design, this quality fork set is able to be cleaned before and after each use to ensure that it is ready for the next cooking lesson. Also available for purchase: Motors, skewers, counterbalances, back braces, gyro discs, leg brackets, and side pillars to suit. Please contact us for more details.

- Rotisserie Prongs: Suitable for charcoal or gas rotisseries, secure the meat from free spinning.
- Suit various size skewers up to 18mm.
- Prong length is 27cm. The distance between Prongs is 11cm.

11cm Width | 28cm Length Overall | 4cm Height

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