Smartfire Flame - Kamado version Super Summer Controller 5.0 Pack


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Smartfire Flame - Kamado version Super Summer Controller Pack
with 4 probes, adaptor, storage case & 4 winders, Flame Design

Super Summer Smartfire Controller 5.0 Pack Kamado Version, Flame design. Professional grade temperature monitoring and pit control so you can spend more time enjoying yourself. The Powerful Smartfire app makes it easy to choose your protein, adjust your preference and get cooking with confidence. The Kamado version comes with the standard size kamado adaptor plate and extension clip. This covers 98% of the standard to large-size kamados. This Smartfire Controller 5.0 Pack is designed to help you achieve optimum cooking performance. A recommended tool for low and slow cooking that can be operated from anywhere thanks to the Wi-Fi compatibility which enables you to control temperatures remotely. Streamlined design with no wires means a hassle-free cooking experience. You can monitor and control your BBQ smoker from your phone, anywhere! Smartfire regulates the BBQ temperature on your behalf by automatically controlling the smoker airflow supply so you aren't up all night adjusting vents.

Not recommended for offsets, their fireboxes are too hot and may melt Smart fires! Fireboxes are too large to control in a meaningful fashion. Do it at your own risk.

Smartfire is designed to aid cooking in the smoking to BBQ temperature ranges (170-350F) (77-180C) and is not recommended above 400F, 204C, as that's when accidents may happen. Simply, it's not designed for pizzas or bread making, open your vents wide and let it ride. Fully loaded! Everything is included in the pack. Smartfire Controller 5.0 Pro. Adaptor based on selecting your smoker. Color-coded 1 BBQ probe and 3 Food probes with matching cable winders. USB cable. Ballistic nylon storage case with slots for all the gear.

Design: Streamlined no-drill installation
Material: Premium polyester cover
Characteristics: UV-resistant and waterproof
Additional Features: Breathable with vents at the base, Velcro base fastenings for a secure fit
Recommended For Use With The Following Products: Landmann 32-inch gas smoker stove models
Two Colour Combos - Flame & Ember: Flame’s silicone sleeve is Smartfire’s signature red and the inner plastic case is matt black. Ember is a black silicone sleeve and the inner plastic case is matt Smartfire red.
Next Gen Wi-Fi Support: Smartfire now supports 40mhz Wi-Fi networks so no tweaks to your home Wi-Fi setup are needed! Extended range, faster, more reliable.
Bluetooth LE 5.0: You want BT5 chipsets for higher stability, capability, and throughput and the ability to connect to multiple BT devices at the same time! Easier to control your smoker(s) on the go while catering or competing while also streaming audio!
Fan Increased 1.8x: We’ve been listening to our large cabinet smoker customers, the new fan has nearly doubled in power to 8.6CFM. More power than is needed for most smokers, but who doesn’t like a little extra oomph?
Stronger, Better, Faster: The new electronics chipset is faster and has more memory than the previous Smartfire.


Model Number: 9032896040
Brand: Smartfire
Product: BBQ Controller pack
Temperature Configuration: Celsius & Fahrenheit configurable
Probe Operating Range: -40°C to 350°C / -40°F to 660F (Do not exceed 350°C)
Probe Length: 1.5M / 5 inches
Controller Operating Tested Range: -10°C to 55°C / 14F to 131F
Wi-Fi Compatibility: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant using 20Mhz bandwidth setting
Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 (FCC ID: A8TBM70ABCDEFGH)
Wireless Security Support: Available for WEP, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal (FCC ID: 2AEMI-PHOTO / IC: 20127-PHOTON)

Width: 43mm
Length: 106mm
Height: 72mm

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