SMOKIN' BOOTY RUBS - Gift Pack (3 x Shaker Jars)


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SMOKIN' BOOTY RUBS - Gift Pack (3 x Shaker Jars)

Includes 3 BBQ Champion Rubs – ‘KC Butt Spice’, ‘Pig’s Ass Rub’ & ‘Rub Some Butt’. Without a doubt, the best collection of BBQ rubs is found across the U.S.A. Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina styles of BBQ are all represented in this champion BBQ pack.

KC BUTT SPICE, 176g. Kansas City- Famous for this sweet smoky flavour on butts, breasts and ribs. Grill like a champion with this sweet, smoky KC-style rub. The secret ingredient of many BBQ competitors is the rub they choose. This blend generously rubbed onto pork, beef or chicken will give the award-winning taste for Kansas City BBQ is known for.

PIG's ASS RUB, 176g. Memphis - Known for the flavour of vinegar, chilli, garlic and paprika, this rub is perfect for pork butts and ribs. This blend of spices was greeted as the perfect grill seasoning. With just enough sweetness to balance the spice, this recipe is ideal for steaks, pork, chicken and seafood. Become the neighbourhood grill expert with PIG's ASS Memphis-style seasoning.

RUB SOME BUTT, 184g. Carolina - Mustard and vinegar flavour blended with savoury spices for the best pulled pork in the country. Enjoy this Carolina treat on pulled pork, ribs and chicken. Reminiscent of the best BBQ flavours found at the roadside BBQ shacks of the deep south.

- Meat Rub
- It comes in 3 different flavours.
- High-quality product from the USA

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