Cyprus Grill Deluxe Auto (Black) Genuine Product - CG-0704


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Cyprus Grill Deluxe Auto (Black) Genuine Product - CG-0704

An innovative charcoal grill barbecue made in such a way as to cook your meat evenly and conveniently, the Cyprus Grill Deluxe Auto is also the most popular model. Hand-made in Cyprus using the highest quality components and European workmanship, this outdoor grill comes equipped automatic rotation function, height-adjustable motorised skewers, and a portable battery allowing you to cook anywhere, anytime.

11 X Small stainless steel skewers.
3 X Large height adjustable motorised stainless steel skewers (75cm).
1 X Battery operated motor 2kg capacity.
1 X Steel checker plate base.
1 X Set of Legs.
1 X Set of Gears.