Spinaro - Air Blower and Charcoal Starter to suit TRS-40 & TRO-100 - Made in Italy


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Spinaro - Air Blower and Charcoal Starter
(suit TRS-40 & TRO-100 - Made in Italy)

Made in Italy, the 100cm long Spinaro air blower and the charcoal starter is the perfect tool to get your grill running in no time. The air blower and charcoal starter lights coal quickly and works well with the Spinaro TRS-20 and TRO-100 series of BBQ.

Please note: This listing is for one rotating rack only.

Blows air to fan the charcoal to light your coals
Lights quickly and saves time
100cm long, easy to handle
Designed to suit the Spinaro product number
TRS-40 and TRO-100


BRAND: Spinaro
POWER FAN: 220V – 6W
DIMENSIONS: 125 x 6 x 2.5cm