Spit Rotisserie Kit for Chef SMART (Large)


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myGRILL Spit Rotisserie Kit for Chef SMART Large

The myGRILL Spit Rotisserie is the latest and most innovative unit to the myGRILL cook line. It is specially designed to hold large pieces of meat for grilling including lamb, pig, or goat. The Rotisserie system has a motor able to withstand up to 40kg of meat while allowing you to adjust the rotating speed up to 20 rpm. The myGRILL spit rotisserie is the perfect cookware addition for a cookout with family and friends.

- 1x Medium spit
- 2x Rotisserie spit forks
- 2x Rotisserie Trussing U-bolt
- 1x Adjustable counterweight
- 1x Electric Motor

- Functional Design: Manual and automated charcoal grill that combines the ease of a gas grill plus the aroma of the charcoal
- Construction Material: Durable stainless steel
- Motor Operation: Smooth and quiet, with a variable speed of up to 20rpm.
- Heat Control: Insulated base reduces heat loss to 10% and sustains the charcoal for a longer period of time
- Electric Elevation: An innovative electric elevation mechanism gives you control over the cooking temperature just by pressing the knob, and it automatically adjusts the height between the meat and the charcoal
- Double Layered Base: Ceramic fibre inside the double layered base exhibits high temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures of up to 1-200℃


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