Outdoor Magic - Chrome Plated Ultra Premium Single Shaft Spit Kit


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Outdoor Magic - Chrome Plated Ultra Premium Kit
(12.5kg Rated Motor)

This kit gives you just about everything you'll need to cook a spit on your gas bbq and comes with an 1140mm single-piece Chrome Spit.

New long “Guide Bushes”
- One with a thumbscrew for use at the support end and can use in the cut-out of BBQ instead of the shaft support bracket.
- One without a thumbscrew at the motor end of the spit shaft in the cut-out of BBQ provides additional bearing support for the motor.

- 1140mm long one-piece shaft, 9.5mm square plus 130mm long shaft extension.
- 2 Pairs (4) Heavy Duty Spit Prongs
- Counter Balance to balance food and prolong motor life
- Spit Grill Multi-Use Basket. Ideal for Veggies, Chicken Wings, Fish, Steak, etc.
- Adjustable to 6 positions to suit different sizes of food
- 335 x 140 x 80mm
- Includes additional motor and support brackets for an extensive range of BBQ applications
- Chrome Plated Kit Part No. OM2017-6 New 43mm long Guide Bushes, with 9mm wide groove. 12.5kg rated motor (with perfectly balanced food), with auto-reverse