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The BBQ Store S/S Round Counter Balance 28mm
for BBQ Rotisserie spit

The round counterbalance is a uniquely designed device that is designed to help with extending the life of your grill barbecue spit motor when it is used for cooking unbalanced meats on a rotisserie spit. This round counterbalance works by adding a counterweight that enables easy balancing of the spit and load when cooking goats, pigs, and lambs. Constructed with stainless steel material, this counterbalance is ideally suited for 28mm round skewers to ensure that it is highly compatible when cooking, and offers high strength for resistance against heat and flames when being turned by the rotisserie. Designed to offer a simple installation, this grill barbecue rotisserie spit counterbalance can be used and set up in a quick manner and allows for your spit roasting to be evenly cooked without causing damage, strain, or wear and tear on your motor. Many other options are available to suit 28mm Rod: Prongs, back braces, leg brackets, and chicken Prongs. Please contact us for more details.

- Made of quality stainless steel material.
- Round Tube Fitting.
- Suits a 28mm round skewer.

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