The BBQ Store - Stainless Steel Hog Roast Carousel


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The BBQ Store Stainless Steel Hog Roast Carousel

This is a rotating 3-basket carousel that slides onto your existing round skewer and locks on with 2 bolts. Each basket is deep to allow the versatility of cooking smaller meats, vegetables, poultry and fish. Made from high-grade stainless steel each basket easily detaches for ease of cleaning and storage. The central pole that slides onto your skewer will either be designed for a 22mm round skewer.

Package Includes:
- Stainless Steel Construction
- 3 x Stainless Steel Baskets
- Carousel Design

- Basket Width At Top: 160mm
- Basket Length: 485mm
- Basket Width at Bottom: 95mm
- Overall Carousel Height: 150mm
- Overall Carousel Travel Height (far bottom to far top): 400mm

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