The MeatStick X Set - Range 260ft

The MeatStick X Set - Range 260ft


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The MeatStick X Set - Range 260ft

The award-winning MeatStick X can withstand the harshest cooking environments, withstanding meat temperatures of up to 212°F for 24+ hours to help you make the juiciest, smokiest brisket, all while keeping an eye on your smoker’s cooking temperature. The X charger allows you to keep on an eye on your meat from up to 260 feet away.

1 x meatstick and Xtender charger - Range 260 ft

- Truly Wireless Design.
- Deep-Fry, Sous-Vide & Dishwasher Safe.
- Highly Durable With Two Heat Sensors.

- Ceramic Handle | withstands up to 572°F
- Stainless Steel Probe | withstands up to 212°F

- Temperature Range: 32-212°F
- Ambient Temperature Range: 32-572°F
- Battery Life: 24 hours+

Charger Specs:
- Powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included)
- Magnetic Back for Easy Access

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