Smoking Chips - Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel


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Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips 

These smoking chips are made from the charred white oak barrels used to age Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey®. During the aging process, the whiskey is drawn in and out of the wood, giving it its distinctive colour and flavour. A portion remains in the wood after the barrels are emptied and some of them are made into Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips. These chips add distinct whiskey flavour to foods cooked on your grill, charcoal smoker, gas smoker or electric smoker.

- Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips
- Smoky & Subtly Sweet Whiskey Flavour.
- Great for beef, chicken and lamb.
- 100% Jack Daniel’s® oak aging whiskey barrels

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