Reverse Seared Steak in a BBQ recipe

A reverse seared steak may sound like a fancy name but it is pretty easy to make. It is also a great steak recipe for both indoor and outdoor cooking, and for cooking large steaks. Here is an easy way to get that medium rare, caramelised crust- perfect steak.

Reverse sear is a recent discovery compared to the sous-vide or regular sear technique. Traditionally, a steak is seared on a pan first then baked in the oven. It was assumed that it retained much more flavor this way. However, with a reverse sear, you can get a crisp caramelised exterior by serving the steak off the pan or grill. The slow cook in the beginning also ensures you get a nice pink interior.

Reverse sear in BBQ

A reverse sear is not limited to indoor cooking. You can always use your BBQ and enjoy a reverse seared steak with your friends and family in the great outdoors. An enclosed BBQ unit is the best smoker for cooking reverse sear steaks. Just remember to turn on the high heat when searing the steak after smoking. It will allow you to get a light char or a fast browning quickly.

Size matters

A reverse sear works well on both large and small steaks. However, since this sear method takes a longer cooking time, a thick cut of steak works great if you want to get that divine medium-rare blend. Meat cuts like the rib-eye or the filet mignon can give you tender results.

Rub ingredients

  • Garlic powder
  • Smoked paprika
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Kosher salt
  • Mustard powder
  • The rub

If your steak is frozen, defrost it overnight. An hour before you start cooking, remove your steak from the fridge and bring it down to room temperature
Rub the ingredients evenly on the steak. Apply a slight amount of pressure while doing so as this will help the ingredients to infuse better with the meat. Do not forget to rub the steak with the ingredients on its sides.
After the rub, rest the steak for 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to fully merge with the meat.
Tip: For best results, leave the steak in the fridge over night after rubbing the ingredients. This will also allow the meat to tenderise a bit more.

The grill and sear

Set the barbecue or the grill up. When you are using indirect cooking, put the steak on the indirect grill heat plate. You can add a few wood chunks, wood-chips or pieces of fruit wood to give a light smoky taste to the steak while being heated.

Keep checking the the temperature of the steak with a temperature probe. When the temperature reaches about 103F, remove the steak off the indirect heat plate and place it over direct high heat or flame to quickly caramelize and sear the outside. Remember to sear the other side too. Ensure that you sear the steak on both sides for a total of few minutes only as you don’t want to overcook the steak.

The slice and serve

Allow the steak to rest for 10 minutes before service. Be sure to slice the steak against the grain to retain its tenderness. A medium to rare steak will have a nice and pink middle with pale pink borders. Serve on a hot plate with choice of side.