Delicious Spit Roasted Pork - Recipe

Spit roasted pork is so delicious, but cooking it on a spit roaster for the first time can be daunting. You need to know the best cooking temperature and the right ingredients to get that perfect taste. However, this recipe, for sure, is worth the labor.



  • 15-20kg full pig (Weight is approx.)
  • 15 crushed garlic cloves
  • 200g salt
  • 100g black pepper
  • 50g oregano
  • 3 onions (crush them well)
  • 2 sprigs rosemary

How to cook:

To begin with marinating the pig with all the ingredients. Rub the outer and inner areas well with it. Ensure you reach even inside the stomach too. Add onions and garlic into the cavity. The onions and garlic will be absorbed into the flesh and you will get a sweet taste of the onion juice.

The trickiest part is attaching the full pig to the spit. You should do it carefully, distributing the weight equally on the bar. Let us see how to attach the pig into the spit.

How to attach to spit:  

  • A 1200mm skewer is suggestible. You will need 2 large forks and leg clips and a piece of metal wire to tie.
  • Carefully insert the skewer into the pig through the cavities.
  • Use a back brace to exactly place the back of the pig on the plate.
  • The prong is to be inserted through legs.
  • Now bend the sets of legs and attach them firmly to the body, using the metal wire.
  • It is the time now to close the stomach opening of the animal to prevent the juices bleeding from the stomach. You can stitch the stomach cavity to keep the onion and garlic juice from dripping.
  • Attach the legs and body to the skewer tightly using some stainless steel wire.

Spit cooking duration:

Cooking time depends on multiple factors, yet, 6 hours of cooking time is suggested as an average duration for the size of a pig mentioned above. After all, it is up to the cooking conditions. If you feel the pig ready before the expected time, you can keep the charcoal aside and remove the pig from the spit. Raise the skewer and keep the pig on the spit itself so that it remains warm also by raising it, you can prevent overcooking. You can even check if it is cooked, using a thermometer. Test some thick flesh like the legs to know if the internal parts are cooked well. If your thermometer reads 75 degrees, then the meat is cooked well.

Finally, you can crisp up the skin to make the pig tastier. Lower the skewer, increase the heat and make the skin crispy. Always use protective gloves to keep your hands safe.

Spit roasted pig is luscious and with the above recipe, you can easily cook it at home. If you don’t own a spit, you can even rent a spit from a supplier.