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Delicious Spit Roasted Pork - Recipe

Posted by Beth Wemyss on

Spit roasted pork is so delicious, but cooking it on a spit roaster for the first time can be daunting. You need to know the best cooking temperature and the right ingredients to get that perfect taste. However, this recipe, for sure, is worth the labor.   Ingredients: 15-20kg full pig (Weight is approx.) 15 crushed garlic cloves 200g salt 100g black pepper 50g oregano 3 onions (crush them well) 2 sprigs rosemary How to cook: To begin with marinating the pig with all the ingredients. Rub the outer and inner areas well with it. Ensure you reach even inside...

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Beef Spit Roasting Guide

Posted by Fenia Mazis on

The art of spit roasting is an ancient form of cooking when meat was cooked in the open over a fire. Spit roasting is a perfect choice when you want to cook large joints of meat such as beef. However, if you haven’t tried spit roasting before, this brief guide can help you with the entire process. Preparing the Spit Before you start cooking, ensure all the screws in the spit are secured tightly so that the meat doesn’t fall off while you cook. Position the spit in an area that is less windy. The wind can affect the intensity...

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